Production Company

Engle produce original audio content for medias, networks and platforms.

Thanks to our global talent network composed by authors, writers and journalists, we turn great ideas into reality by developing and producing scripted & non-scripted production.

With a close and privileged relationships with 20+ studios worldwide (L.A, N.Y, London, Cape Town, etc…), we offer multilingual casting with “A List” voice-over artists to produce international content.

What’s more, Engle has a full range of content production services for documentaries, fiction and premium interview formats for podcasts and non-musical audio.


Executive Producer

As executive producer, our job involves everything from generating ideas and pooling together the right talented team, to realising the project through to its final stages of production.

Throughout the different script and production phases we conceive of stories, formats and characters with our showrunners to set the “sound and feel” of the show.

We also oversee scheduling as well as all legal and financial aspects of the production, and in the final stages it is us who plan the marketing and promotional campaigns for the project’s release and distribution.”


As producers we’re here to realise a partner’s idea.

We look at how much that idea is going to cost and then break it down.

We contribute through script reads, discussions, and/or revisions.

We manage the entire process from beginning to end once the final script is validated: planning, casting, studio sessions and post-production.

Most importantly we are here to keep an eye on the budget, schedule and the partners expectations regarding the podcast or audio-series.

Local Adaptations

Adaptations allow studios to make their entrance into new markets while continuing to monetise their catalogue worldwide.

For scripted audio shows, adapting means translating/rewriting the original script with a team of local writers to be as relevant as possible for the local listening audience.

Engle can help you get the best local cast for the script, and have expertise in content distribution and in situ relay (France in the first instance).