Welcome to a new narrative era


It is safe to say that storytelling is probably the oldest activity on Earth.

From paintings to television or books, stories have always been a vector of knowledge and emotion between humans. Although the art of storytelling has been a constant human phenomenon, the medium for doing so has always evolved.

With the renewal of the non-musical audio genre and the booming consumption of podcasts, a new wave of narration is surely on it’s way.

With this in mind Engle was created, a production company whose goal is to conceive and produce great stories for listeners all around the world.

Whether they’re stories to entertain or stories to pass on knowledge, our idea is to always create gripping stories which explore new territories in term of ideas and writing.

Podcasts are television for the earbud generation
— Jason Rowley (Techcrunch)

Engle also provide expertise to a range of partners looking for premium audio production. We create tailor made audio content for brands & media: from copywriting to digital distribution and analytics, we support our partners throughout all stages of creation and content strategy.

It’s the sound of the sea that makes you believe in mermaids.
— Anthony T.Hincks