Podcast for Brands

Engle helps brands better their leverage and cultural relevance.

Working with us, our partners receive premium narrative audio content that also delivers measurable brand awareness, engagement and business value.

Our award-winning team has expertise in creative development, brand content, content distribution, activation, sponsorships and listening events.


Strategy & Copywriting

Storytelling is everything.

Our creative team of authors, script-writers, copywriters, & journalists will help you build an engaging and unique storyline for your future listeners & audiences.


Production & Post Production

We work with perfectly casted voice-over artists, directors, sound engineers, and music composers to make the best creations.

We also provide post-production: voice editing, sound design, mixing and mastering. ( 🎧 binaural mixing available)

To accompany all of this we also supervise the project on the backoffice side of things, taking into consideration all legal and financial aspects of the production.



From finding the right host solution to the on-line release, we help our partners get their audio-content live across different platforms like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Deezer, Stitcher, Google Podcast, Himalaya and 40+ podcast applications.

Live Event

Sound and audio can be shared with friends as well as with strangers.

We believe in the power of live events as a method for delivering premium audio-content; a way to create a rare & unique experience around the brand.

Whether for a premiere for the happy few or for a PR event, we facilitate and create immersive moments topped off by discussions with artists, writers or brand ambassadors.


Marketing & Promotion

Marketing & promotion are the key factors to get your content the success it deserves.

We help our partners achieve the right exposure for their content by activating podcast influencers, social media strategies, PR and highlighting on podcast platforms.



You know what is better than having great brand content? It’s having great brand content with great KPIs.

We provide our partners with measurable metrics and insights such as listening statistics, completion rates or audience clusters.

We also produce and provide organic pre-roll ads for advertisers